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Health risk assessment training in Paignton 

Health risk assessment

Educational infection control courses 

Do you have a medical background? Are you interested in helping reduce the spread of contagious infections? If yes, we can help you become a health risk assessor through our infection control course. In addition, we also have a host of health risk assessment training modules at our educational centre. Our courses help you understand the basic health and safety requirements. Our complete training programmes will give you an overview of all the key areas that require you to focus on health and safety measures in the work place, schools, public areas, restaurants and homes. At Diverse Advanced Training Academy Ltd in Paignton, you will begin with a foundation level course and gradually move to higher levels. 
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Here are the main focus areas of our safety courses 

• Level 2 & 3 health & safety in the workplace
• Hazard analysis
• Fire awareness
• Fire safety principles
• Manual handling
• Principles of health risk assessment 
• Level 1 fire safety awareness
• Level 1 & 2 fire safety principles
• Level 2 health & safety in health & social care
• Level 2 conflict resolution & personal safety

Feel free to discuss your preferences about any particular training programme with our trainers. The trainers at Diverse Advanced Training Academy Ltd will offer you a tailored learning plan to suit your needs. 
Hazard analysis

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