Health & Social Care

Social care training programmes in Paignton 

Nursing courses

Nursing courses 

Whether you are looking to enrol in a nursing course or a health and social care training programme, we are here to help you find what you need. Upgrading your skills can help you compete in a very competitive job market and we use various teaching methods to help you get the certification you need for your required job choice.  
All our instructors and trainers are experienced experts and will provide you with the training and skills you will need in your chosen career.
Contact us

Call Diverse Advanced Training Academy Ltd, Paignton, on 
01803 521 555 for information about the eligibility criteria for our training programmes. 

Our training modules focus on 

• Safeguarding adults
• Safeguarding children
• Mental capacity
• Deprivation of liberty
• Mental health
• Midwifery
• Dementia
• 15 units of the Care Certificate
• Medication
• Moving & handling 
• Equality & diversity
• Nursing courses

Look no further as Diverse Advanced Training Academy Ltd helps you plan your education and become a social care professional.  

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